1. In modern times, Asia experienced twists and turns in its development. To change their destiny, the people of Asia have been forging ahead in an indomitable spirit and with hard struggle. Asia’s development achievements today are the result of the persistent efforts of the industrious and talented Asian people. The people of Asia are fully aware that there is no ready model or unchanging path of development that is universally applicable. They never shy away from reform and innovation. Instead, they are committed to exploring and finding development paths that are in line with the trend of the times and their own situations, and have opened up bright prospects for economic and social development。

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  2. China lies in the east of Asia and it has the largest population in the world. China is also one of the four countries in the world that have an ancient civilization. Besides, it has a vast territory with such abundant natural resources as dense forests, magnificent waterfalls, majestic and beautiful rivers and lakes, and mountains whose peaks reach high into the sky like swords. All these make China a singularly attractive place to tourists around the world. But, most importantly, China boasts a history of over five thousand years with innumerable historical relics left over from the long past, such as priceless pearls and jewels, historic sites and scenic spots, palaces and edifices of architectural richness, all of which have won people’s admiration. You are sure to find great enjoyment from all these attractions in China, a much-admired dreamland。

  在第十二届“普通话桥”世界博士普通话比赛上,来自加拿大的运动员Andre一路通过海关斩将,问鼎季军。 近年来,他是加拿大豆吉尔高校的一名硕士,修读可能率论,课余还在意气风发所汉语学园当数学老师,用普通话教华裔学生微积分。

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  二〇一三年八月二十三日,宁波市公安总部越城根据地将汪某等8人以关系私自拿到国家秘密罪移交送达六安市越龙川县公诉机关审核投诉。检察机关在查对进度中发觉,公安机关首要从汪某等人贩售大学匈牙利(Hungary卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)语四六级考试答案的角度出发,举行了连带的暗访和取证工作,但在案件的相关资料中,检察官开采中间不仅仅关涉到汪某等人贩卖考试答案的犯罪事实,同有时候也富含了其走漏考试试题的证据线索,而那极有望波及到另二个不如的罪名——故意泄露国家秘密罪。那多只脑引起了该院领导的中度重视,当即决定举行案情研究斟酌会实行专项论题研商。


  3. The traditional Chinese culture, both extensive and profound, starts far back and runs a long course. More than 2000 years ago, there emerged in China Confucianism represented by Confucius and Mencius, Taoism represented by Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi and other theories and doctrines that figured prominently in the history of Chinese thought, all being covered by the famous “the masters’ hundred schools”. The traditional Chinese culture presents many precious ideas and qualities, which are essentially populist and democratic. For example, they lay stress on the importance of kindness and love in human relations, on the interest of the community, on seeking harmony without uniformity and on the idea that the world is for all. Especially, patriotism as embodied in the saying “Everybody is responsible for the rise or fall of the country”, the populist idea that “People are the foundation of the country”, the code of conduct of “Treat others as you want to be treated”. And the traditional virtues taught: endurance and hard working, frugality in household management, and respecting teachers and valuing education. All of them have played a great role in binding and regulating the family, country and society。

日本男生被判23年,四六级翻译部分冲锋备考必背十大段落。  “笔者的上学的小孩子都以华侨,对于自己能用中文教数学课,他们以为很诧异。”曾有上学的小孩子对Andre说,那是她率先次喜欢数学课,希望Andre能三番两次教下去。听了那番话,Andre很激动。





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